Scholarship Thank You Letter

Writing a thank you letter for a scholarship is good etiquette, just as writing a thank you when receiving a gift.

If the letter is being sent as a hard copy, then it should be in the proper business format, otherwise, if the letter is being emailed, it should have an appropriate subject line and proper grammar.

How to Write
  1. Thank them, be sure to include the name of the scholarship and time frame that you'll be benefiting from the scholarship.
  2. Tell them about yourself. You can include information about your school/major, what you plan on doing after you graduate, how the scholarship will help you, financial/personal struggles, etc.
  3. Thank them again.


Sample Letter

Scholarship Thank You Letter to an Organization
Dear [Mr/Ms./Mrs. Last Name]:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank your organization for awarding me the [Scholarship Name] scholarship for [Time Frame of Scholarship Benefit]. It is truly a great honor to be selected as a recipient of this award. This scholarship will help greatly in reducing my financial burdens and allow me to focus on my education

I [am/will be] attending [School Name] and [am/plan on] majoring in [Major]. Upon successful completion of my degree, I plan on pursuing a career as a [Desired Position].

[Include any other pertinent information such as your financial struggles, your passion for your area of study, or your future aspirations]

Thanks again for investing in my future, I will make sure to do my best in achieving my academic and career goals.



[Your Name]

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