Donation Request Letter

A donation request letter is one that solicits money, time, or goods to support a cause or an organization. This is also commonly called a fundraising letter.
How to Write
  1. Introduce yourself, if you don't know the person you're writing to.
  2. Introduce the organization/cause that you are soliciting support for.
  3. Give them reasons why they should support your organization/cause.
  4. Tell them how they can give.
  5. Thank them.


Sample Letters

Donation Request Letter for Non-Profit
Dear [Mr/Ms./Mrs. Last Name]:

I am writing on behalf of [Non-Profit's Name], which is focused on bettering not just our community but the world. We can only meet our goals with the assistance of community members like yourself. This is a chance to invest in a non-profit that truly practices what it preaches. Today, with just a small donation, you can help us reach out to the community, enhance our programming, and really change the world.

We understand that times are tough. We are not the typical organization though. If you give us your support, you'll be able to monitor our success by visiting our website at [Web Address]. You can also volunteer your time with us to see our programming up close and personal.

We can only hope that you will support our mission and help us implement our programs and initiatives. A donor envelope is enclosed, and you can also donate online by visiting [Web Address]. If you have any questions about what we do or whom we serve, feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email. We want to get to know the generous donors who dedicate their time and/or money to our mission. Thank you for your time.

Yours Sincerely,


[Your Name]
[Your Title]

Personal Fundraising Letter
Dear [Mr/Ms./Mrs. Last Name]:

On [Date], I'll be participating in the Relay for Life marathon downtown. I'd like to ask for your support in meeting my fundraising goals.

Cancer claims millions of lives each year, and those numbers, sadly, are growing. We need more awareness and more resources to even begin to fight the disease. Relay For Life was created by the American Cancer Association to both fundraise for the cause and to bring survivors and supporters together to form an international community of helping hands. The relay raises more than $400 million each year, and it's all thanks to people like us!

As you know, I lost my mother to cancer a few years ago, and the impact on my family was tremendous. So this fundraiser isn't just a tax break for me. I know firsthand the difficulties of moving on when you've lost someone close to you, and I want to raise money and awareness for the effort however I can. I believe with all my heart that my mother be pleased and proud with me for taking part.

If you can sponsor me for this relay, please let me know at [Phone or E-mail]. Feel free to call or email me at any time with questions or concerns, or even if you want to participate in the relay as well! We always welcome new faces!

Thanks again for your time, and thank you in advance for anything you can pledge.

Best Regards,


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