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Step by step instructions on how to write various letters, plus tips and sample letters.

Business Condolence Letter
Business Proposal Letter
Contract Termination Letter
Quotation Letter for Pricing

Donation Request Letter
Thank You Letter for Donation

Letter of Interest for a Teaching Position
Letter of Intent for a Job
Letter of Recommendation for Employment
Cover Letter For a Job
Promotion Request Letter
Job Acceptance Letter
Salary Increase Request
Introduction Letter to Colleagues

Job Leave/Resignation/Retirement
Resignation Letter for Nurses
Teacher Resignation Letter
Farewell Letter to Colleagues
Marriage Leave Letter
Maternity Leave Letter
Medical Leave Letter
Teacher Retirement Letter

Employer/Human Resources
Employment Termination Letter
Rejection Letter After Interview
Employee Appreciation Letter
Warning Letter to Employee

Appeal Letter to Retake Exam
Letter of Intent for Graduate School
Financial Aid Appeal Letter
Scholarship Thank You Letter
Teacher Appreciation Letter

Income Verification Letter
Employment Verification Letter
Landlord Reference Letter
Personal Reference Letter
Proof of Residency Letter from Resident
Proof of Residency Letter from Landlord
Rental Verification Letter
Financial Guarantee Letter
Community Service Verification Letter

Other Letters
Business Apology Letter
Complaint Letter for Bad Service
Hardship Letter for Loan Modification
Lease Termination Letter
Demand Letter for Payment
Sponsorship Request Letter
Collection Letter for Debt
Name Change Request
Name Correction Request
Nomination for an Award
Guest Speaker Invitation
Wedding Invitation
Love Letter
Eviction Letter
Authorization Letter for Claiming Documents
Acknowledgement of Receipt of Goods
Self Nomination
Thank You to Client/Customer
Discontinue Service

Leter Writing
Business Letter Format

External Resources
How to Format a Business Letter

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