Financial Aid Appeal Letter Sample

A sample appeal letter written to seek reconsideration for financial aid. Be sure to write formal business letters in the proper business letter format.

To Whom This May Concern:

I appreciate the generosity in my financial aid letter for the [School Year] school year. I understand you have a lot of students to care for and I am thankful for my award, however, I have a gap in the amount granted to me and the cost of the school, thus, I will need an additional award if I am to enroll in [School Name]

I have taken every step to contribute to my education. Not only have I taken on a part-time job but I have also applied for a number of scholarships. Despite this, I still need [Specific Amount Needed]. If this financial need is not met, I will be forced to find a more affordable school to enroll in.

[Insert paragraphs that focus on any changes in the student's life: loss of job, death, unexpected medical bills, etc.]

Thank you for considering my financial situation. I know that you have my students to attend to. Any consideration you can give my appeal would be much appreciated. Thank you for your time and support.



[Your Name]

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