Sample Cover Letter For a Job

A generic sample cover letter for a job position. Be sure to write formal business letters in the proper business letter format.

Dear [Mr/Ms./Mrs. Last Name]:

I am writing in response to your ad for a Widget Specialist in the Daily Newspaper. As a trained widget professional, I have many years of experience working in the field of widget development. Please find my resume enclosed, which includes a detailed history of my work in the widget industry.

I feel that my experience with widget development and design could be an asset to Widget World. In the past, I have worked with several diverse teams to design new and helpful widgets for today's discerning widget user. Some of my previous projects include:

  • A long-term study of widgets intended to improve modern widget design.
  • Expanding widget designs to include features that integrate with modern technology.
  • Developing convenient widget-based tools to make work easier and more effective.

    Previous jobs have given me the ability to work with many types of people and to complete tasks within a given deadline. I feel that these skills, along with my experience with widgets, would be an asset to the Widget Specialist position.

    Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to speaking with you regarding this position.



    [Your Name]

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